A Boss after God’s Heart (Part 1) by Sandra Moaney Wright


How Do Christian Employers Cultivate Greatness on the Job?

How Do Christian Employers Cultivate Greatness on the Job?

Really, how does a person that is a Christian employer cultivate greatness from their employees? Well, I had a very interesting conversation with one such person. Donna Willard the owner of two businesses . . . Argonne International Area Manager (skincare products), and she is also a Managing Director of eWomen’s Network Atlanta (A national networking organization for business women). I met Donna through one of her networking functions and was inspired to ask her a few questions.

The Interview – Part 1

Sandra: “Donna, first of all thank you for taking the time to talk with me about your business and what you do. I want to pose this question to you, how does a Christian employer cultivate greatness from their staff?

Donna: “Well, first of all praying, because I put God first in everything. I have to because he is the Lord of my life.

Sandra: “That’s a great first connection. What do you look for next?”

Donna: “Well, I have one employee, but I look for honesty. You can look at someone’s eyes and tell if they are being honest…it doesn’t matter if they know the Lord or not. However, the Lord told me to live my life before people and he would do the rest.

Sandra: “What do you mean, he’ll do the rest? Does it mean you can discern whether someone is being honest or not?”

Donna: “Yes, how do you think he connected you and I Sandra?” Honesty and integrity — all that goes hand in hand!

Sandra: What about experience? For instance, if they lack the amount of experience you need for the position?”

Donna: “I’m all for giving someone a chance and training them if they have the right attitude!”

Sandra: “What do you mean the RIGHT attitude?”

Donna: “There are certain qualifications for jobs–for instance, if you want a job in the computer industry, you have to know about computer. Right?”

Sandra: “Yes”

Donna: “I have two businesses, did I tell you that?”

Sandra: “Yes, you did?”

Donna: “Well, in one of my business, I promote women and their businesses, and the other business, I’m an Arbonne International Area Manager, I teach and train others to have home based businesses and be able to fire their boss.

Sandra: “Okay, but how does that connect to having the right attitude?”

Donna: “Well, with a home based business, if you have the attitude that I can do and I am willing to learn, I AM GOING TO TRAIN YOU!”

Sandra: “You have honesty, integrity and attitude…is there anything else? Actually, you had prayer first. What other traits can cultivate these employees?” Well, let me back up a second.”

Donna: “Okay.”

Sandra: “You stated you only had one employee. How long has he or she been your employee?”

Donna: “He! He has been my employee for five years.”

Sandra: “How have you seen him grow from the very beginning? How did he come in as a new employee? Did he come with a great attitude? What did you see in him when he first came in? What things did you immediately see in him? Was there something that you thought he needed help with…?

Donna: “Well, it a unique situation in that my employee is also my husband.

Sandra: OKAY!!! (Laughing) That’s so special.

Donna: We’ve been married 31 years, and we do our business together even though he has a full time job. He helps me in my business.”

Sandra: “How does that work out? Having your husband as an employee?”

To Be Continued: Read Part 2


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