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Book Spotlight– Bible Prophecy (Nonfiction and Fiction)

Perry Stone Book Unlocking SecretsUnlocking Secrets In the Second Coming Scrolls (Searching for the Time of Christ’s return) by Perry Stone Jr. The first ten generations of the Bible, from Adam to Noah, reveal amazing secrets of Christ’s return. These Hebraic clues are also veiled within the names, words, patterns, numbers, and prophetic cycles recorded in the ancient scrolls of the Bible. Perry Stone spent hundreds of hours to compile evidence that unlocks the marvelous secrets of Christ’s Second Coming!

This detailed book explains many difficult and unusual prophetic passages and includes the following subjects: Discovering the ancient prophecy given to Adam; The amazing ten-generation pattern; Links between the parable of the ten virgins and days of Noah and Lot; Modern weapons and Islamic nations will fulfill many ancient prophecies; Ten signs that reveal we are in the last days; The prophetic future is hidden in the book of Genesis; Enoch and Methuselah portray the rapture and final outpouring of the Holy Spirit; This generation shall not pass until all things are fulfilled and much more! This is believed to be the most inspiring and thought provoking book that Perry has ever written! To get your copy, visit:


Just Saved? Get FREE Resources to help you develop your relationship with the Lord.

Welcome to God’s family. It is important to nurture your relationship with Jesus so that you can become strong in your faith. The resources listed below will help you develop your new life in Christ.

“So get rid of every kind of evil, every kind of deception, hypocrisy, jealousy, and every kind of slander. Desire God’s pure word as newborn babies desire milk. Then you will grow in your salvation. Certainly you have tasted that the Lord is good! (1 Peter 2:2-3, GOD’S WORD Translation)”


Godlife--God loves you.Watch a step by step video series to help you in the first 30 days of your new life in Jesus Christ. Plus access free resources to help you find a church, get prayer and grow as a follower of Jesus. >>Click here to visit GodLife.


The Bible Project

Visual storytelling meets the Bible. Watch animated videos explaining the nature of God, the bible, including a visual summary of bible chapters, major themes and basic teachings.  >>Click here to visit The Bible Project.


Learn ScriptureGet the Word of God into your heart by memorizing scripture. LearnScripture.Net  offers an easy way to memorize the Word of God online, based on principles from the Charlotte Mason Scripture Memory System and other proven techniques for memory strengthening. >>Click here to visit LearnScripture.Net


Multiply MovementGrow as a Christian and learn how to help others grow in Christ (this is called making disciples). This series of easy to understand video teachings will strengthen your walk with God.  >>Click here to visit Multiply Movement. 


Learn how to study the bible and pray through tools from The Navigators.


Shut Up Devil

The Shut Up, Devil! app puts the power of the Word of God in your pocket to help silence Satan, whenever and wherever he attacks. You’ll have access to Scriptures related to almost any issue you face, each including a personalized version designed to speak aloud.


Superbook – This animated series created by the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) is a great resource for children who need to know Jesus and how to live for Him. It features entertaining and biblically accurate lessons based on the Bible and real-life situations children can relate to.

Show your child this easy to understand plan of salvation video. Watch “God made you, uniquely you, and has a plan for your life.” 

► Did you watch the video and begin a relationship with God? Please contact Superbook at so they can pray for you and provide you with material to grow in your relationship with God. ► Do you still have questions about God and believing in Jesus? Please send Superbook your questions here

► Want to Know God? Find out How! .

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The Christian Broadcasting NetworkThe Christian Broadcasting Network has a variety of free resources for believers. You can listen to audio teachings, access a scripture reference guide, get prayer, and listen to Christian music online–there are a variety of many free formats to choose from.


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