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Timely and effectively communicating and following up with clients or potential clients, can actually dictate the growth of a small home-based business.

Effectively communicating with clients can actually dictate growth.

In today’s society, small businesses are notably trendy. According to recent 2014 statistical reports, there are approximately 28 million small businesses in the US; many of which are home-based businesses. Home-based businesses are definitely cost efficient, as there is practically no overhead expenses associated with operating one. Many small and home-based businesses are productive and successful with regards to the products and services that they provide. However, an area that often goes unnoticed and lacking in small and home-based businesses, is client communication and follow-up. Effective and timely communication and follow-up is crucial in any level of business; and small home-based businesses are not exempt.

The business market is very competitive, and a simple failure to timely and effectively communicate; or timely follow up with a client or potential client, can actually result in losing a client. The measure in which a small or home-based business responds to initial client contact with a potential client not only determines whether the business will secure the client for present or future business transactions; but it also determines whether the client will give a positive report to others about that initial contact with that particular business. Each client lost, is income lost. And, no business should be in business to lose income – but rather to gain income. There are some simple steps that small home-based businesses, or any level business, can implement to ensure existing and potential clients are wholly satisfied. To name a few:

  • Respond to client inquiries within a 24-hour timeframe.
  • Always use proper and effective verbal and written communication skills when communicating with clients.
  • Follow through on stated commitments.
  • Never “casualize” business relationships with clients – even if you know the client personally.
  • Always exercise ethical business concepts.

Timely and effectively communicating and following up with clients or potential clients, can actually dictate the growth of a small home-based business; and such business owners should never under estimate or undervalue an existing or potential client’s influencing power. A small home-based business can be labeled with a not-so-good reputation for simply failing to effectively and timely communicate and /or follow-up with clients. Such reputation can stigmatize the business, and interfere with its growth.

Small and home-based business should strive for wholly overall client satisfaction in communications and follow-up, along with the products and services that they provide. One wholly satisfied client can effect growth in a small or home-based business, especially if the client has a large network and possesses the power of influence. Effective communication and follow-up with clients will increase client satisfaction and strengthen a businesses’ status in the competitive business market.


Debra Owens

Debra A. Owens, founder and CEO of Encore Empowerment International, is a highly skilled Empowerment strategist, coach, and speaker - with over 25 years of professional experience. Her company specializes in business training and development, innovative business solutions, strategic performance improvement, and coaching. With the spirit of a committed servant, Debra is a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who believes that each individual has a purpose, and she is committed to helping individuals discover and develop their purpose; pursue their passion; and maximize their potential. Debra is the loving mother of two beautiful children, Jasmin and Marius. She is currently a PhD Candidate in Business Administration, and holds a MPA and BAS. Empowered by God’s Word, Debra is committed to doing a great work in God’s Kingdom. Contact her at

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