The Employee All Bosses Love (Part 2) by Sandra Moaney Wright

These top "100" deliverers state the qualities that make up a great employee.

These top “100” deliverers state the qualities that make up a great employee.

Discover what gives some people the edge in the workforce.Have you ever wondered why “Best Companies” outperform their peers? Case studies show that companies in the top 100 deliver higher returns than their counterparts because they not only invest in their people, their people in invest in the company.

These top “100”deliverers state that the qualities that make up a great employee are:

  • They have to be CRITICAL THINKERS. They want these employees to have the ability to develop creative solutions to the company’s day-to-day problems
  • ADAPTABILITY is the next qualities that the top “100” must see. An employee that copes well with change and is flexible is a “God-Send to any organization
  • Great COMMUNICATION SKILLS – can this employee express himself/herself verbally and articulately? If so, they are a winner in the eyes of the employer.
  • How well does this employee deal with other staff members and customers? INTERPERSONAL SKILLS is a must within and outside of the organization.
  • Most importantly, they must have FUNCTIONAL KNOWLEDGE in their area of expertise. Do these employees really know what they are doing?
  • Finally, can your top performer use time and other resources effectively and efficiently? If so, ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS have been met, and you’re right on target.

Remember, the impact of have great employees in a company increases the “bottom line” and the entire work environment.

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