What Are You Looking For? by Deadra Griffeth

Trust God when you can't trace God.

Trust God when you can’t trace God.

I am notorious for losing important things. I am vision impaired, near-sighted with astigmatism. I have spent $300-400 dollars a year on glasses for the last 10 years. Unfortunately, because of the prior listed problem, I lose them in various places in my daily journey; and often never find them again.

The last prescription pair I lost was within a few months of purchasing them. I determined that I would not get another prescription and purchase another expensive bifocaled pair.

It would be just as easy to get reading glasses from Walgreens and just use those. I really need them when I’m driving at night in the rain also. Other than that I don’t use them for anything but reading.

Walgreens has frequently been visited to purchase a new pair of reading glasses. In fact, prior to the incident I am about to recall to you; I believe I bought a pair in October. In the month of February, I was typing in my study at the computer and was about to leave hurriedly to take a friend home. I stopped to close the upstairs window in the study and close the blinds.

After returning home, as I prepared for bed, I couldn’t find my glasses. Oh, I said, I probably left them in my purse. I’ll get them in the morning when I go back downstairs. The next morning they were not in my purse. They were not in the car (although I searched under the driver and passenger seats). They were not in any jacket pockets, or suit pockets that I had worn that week.

As I returned to work the next day, I grabbed my spare pair out of the drawer; only to find when I tried to use them that one of the lenses was out. My co-worker told me, “Don’t worry. I have another pair in my locker. I’ll get them for you.”

I wore her glasses for several days. When I returned them to her, I prayed, “Lord, if my glasses are in my house, please help me to locate them. I am tired of spending money on glasses.”

I retraced my steps again and searched the study desk and drawers and floor. No GLASSES. So Friday evening, just before sunset, I ran to the neighborhood Walgreen’s and bought – you guessed it – another pair of #225 reading glasses for $21.00.

I went to church that Sabbath, and worked Saturday night. I spent time with friends on Sunday and enjoyed my time off. Monday as I sat at my computer typing for the first time since the glasses disappeared. The phone rang, as I reached to answer the phone, my glance went to the window. And there, hanging from the cord used to adjust the blinds were my glasses. Dangling gracefully, unassuming and nonchalant were the glasses that I spent all week searching for.

My mind immediately went to my prayer. I had forgotten that I even asked the Lord to intercede. When I went back to Walgreen’s, I had casually shrugged off the feeling of failure; the thought that my prayer had not been answered. I paid the cashier and went on; attempting to ignore the niggling doubt that God didn’t care about my little problem.

In fact, God did care. In fact, the glasses had been hanging in plain view for the whole week. I could not see them. Was it because I never expected to find them? Lack of faith is the culprit. Jesus tells us . . .

“Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find; knock , and it will be opened.” (Luke 11:9, KJV)

Today’s Life Key: Trust God when you can’t trace God.

About the Author:  Deadra Johnson Griffeth is an active choral musician in the Berean SDA Churc Sanctuary Choir, the Wendell P. Whalum Community Chorus, New Creation- Atlanta’s Chorale, the Interdenominational Theological Center Chorus; and is a founding member of Sopranos 2 by 2, LLC. Deadra holds membership in the Metropolitan Atlanta Musicians Association, a chapter of the National Association of Negro Musicians.

Additionally, she is an independent recording artist. CDs – Calvary was released in 1997, and Gethsemane released in 2002. She is former Minister of Music and a local Elder of the Berean Seventh-day Adventist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. A graduate of Oakwood College, and the University of South Florida; she has continued her studies, seeking a Masters of Church Music at the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta.


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