Are You Cheating on Your Purpose? by Dr. Sandra Moaney-Wright

Are You Cheating On Your Purpose? (Image: Businessman by ocean)While attending church this past Sunday, I was challenged by the minister’s topic: “Having Vision with your Pain”. The minister went on to talk about writing your vision down and making it plain (Habakkuk 2:1, King James Version Bible). Vision involves deliberate expectations. Of course, most of us realize that. Yet, this inspiring message provided so much more. The sermon forced me to acknowledge a different aspect of fulfilling your vision.

What happens to your vision if you are cheating on your purpose? Vison involves your purpose.  This is what stirred me the most. While 2017 is still fresh with potential–I think, “Have I been cheating on my purpose?” I have so many skills, and I am great at them all – yes, I am patting myself on the back and encouraging myself as well. But, I must admit, with all my skills and knowledge, there is one that I love doing; however, I rarely do it. Why am I not doing what I love to do? Is it because it does not pay the bills? Am I afraid to jump? Am I afraid to stand on that branch alone? What has caused me to cheat on my purpose? 

I found myself pondering (even brooding!) on several key “take-aways”:

  1. Vision must be desired. (I certainly have this, there is no doubt in my mind.)
  2. Vision and God go hand in hand. (Yes, this is true.)
  3. Self-human responsibility/YOU must work at it. (I got this!)
  4. Season of Life. (I most definitely think this is my season.)
  5. Vision involves Detachment. (YES, this is the one that bothers me!)

Detachment, is the one that has put me in a reflective mood. This past year, several associates and close friends have decided to move in other directions. As sad as this sounds, my life has become less stressful. New friends and associates have begun to be a part of my life and they have “brought something to my table”. Isn’t this what is supposed to happen on your journey to fulfilling your purpose?

Many people will not be connected to your vision and purpose. Everyone cannot go with you on your journey. As I stand on a watchtower, looking at my purpose, I suddenly realized, everyone is not supposed to be on that watchtower with me. You or I may have to be on top alone.

Attachments, sometimes stifle you. Attachments make you go back and question your purpose and vision. I know several people that have told me that if it hadn’t been for (whomever), I would have finished school long time ago. Or, here’s another one – “I would have started my business long ago, if I had stopped listening to people tell me it takes a lot of money and you’d better not quit your job. ‘It’s better to have a bird in the hand instead of in the bush’”. Remember that one? It AIN’T personal…Detach!

Many folk in your life aren’t bad people, they’re just bad for this “season” of your life. If the vision wasn’t given to them, you may have to detach! As, the pastor stated, there may be only a few, or none at all, that can stand with you on your watchtower—or you may end up cheating on your purpose.  Don’t get distracted and miss your exit–instead just detach!

As the sermon ended, here is a list of questions that were given to help us identify and be faithful to our purpose:

  1. “God, what do you want me to do with my life?” Or, just ask yourself this question: “What is it that I want to do with my life that I would do for free?”
  2. “God, when should I do it?” Or, ask yourself: “Is this the right time to do it? Do I feel deeply about doing this now?”
  3. “How do I step out, and step into my purpose?”
  4. “Who should I take with me? Should I take this journey alone?”
  5. “What distractions should I exit out of at this time?”

Source:  Nate Stewart, Executive Pastor, Greater Travelers Rest Baptist (Rev. Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Senior Pastor)

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