Discover Enoch’s Secret

Enoch's-Secret-banner-Light-318x201Enoch had quite the reputation–he pleased God. In fact, the Bible says…

“And Enoch walked with God; and he was not; for God took him.” Genesis 5:24, KJV

This Christian fiction novel tells you why. Enoch, a possessor of the One Mind, lives in a time of turmoil. The curse promised by the Ancient One has come to pass.First Father Adam is dead…without cause. Murder they understood. Father Cain taught them that. But, this sudden disappearance of the life force terrifies the Sons of Adam. They must find the “Bearer of the Seed”– the Son of Eve the Prophecy declares will cure them from the sickness and defeat death.

When Enoch and his powerful rival, Tubal-Cain, set off on a quest to discover the truth, they encounter an unseen world of light and darkness, angels and demons, and even The One who began it all. Enoch learns he must master the key to The Forces if he is to battle the evil spreading among the Tribes of Seth and Cain. But he must hurry, another Power has a plan for revenge, and if successful it will alter the destiny of all mankind forever.

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